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Application Location Details Proposal Ward Community Details Available Jump to Application
21PF/2410 8 Chapel Street, Liverpool, L3 9AG Existing offices are to converted into a dental practice No Not Available
21LP/1728 29 September Road, Liverpool, L6 4DG Application for Lawful Development Certificate for proposed HMO  Tuebrook and Stoneycroft Yes View
21H/2393 41 Hebburn Way, Liverpool, L12 0PY To erect single storey extension to side. Croxteth Yes View
21H/2366 6 Brock Street, Liverpool, L4 1XT To erect single storey extension to rear. Kirkdale Yes View
21H/2358 26 Sandicroft Road, Liverpool, L12 0LX To erect a single storey extension at rear Croxteth Yes View
21H/2355 9 Nightingale Road, Liverpool, L12 0QF To demolish existing conservatory, to erect a single storey extension at rear and a two storey extension at side Croxteth Yes View
21H/2334 46 Valescourt Road, Liverpool, L12 9EX To erect a two storey extension at side, and a part two storey, part single storey extension at rear. Yes View
21H/2327 94 Melbreck Road, Liverpool, L18 9SH To erect single storey extension to side and rear. Cressington Yes View
21H/2221 19 Ennis Road, Liverpool, L12 9JD To erect single storey extension to side and rear. Yes View
21H/2191 38 Eldred Road, Liverpool, L16 8PB To erect a single storey extension at rear with rendered blockwork Childwall Yes View
21H/2135 19 Mentmore Road, Liverpool, L18 4PU To demolish rear conservatory and erect single storey extension, remove door and windows to porch, convert garage to habitable room, re-render property. Yes View
21H/2091 41 Breckside Park, Liverpool, L6 4DJ To erect single storey extension/part first floor extension to the rear, hip to gable with dormer extension and roof light at front, porch to front and alter window at rear. Yes View
21H/2032 34 Rosemont Road, Liverpool, L17 6BZ To carry out hip to gable alteration to the main roof, to erect two storey extension at side, dormer extension at rear incorporating a julitte balcony, single storey extension and porch at front,  single storey extension at rear and other... Yes View
21H/1902 180 Mather Avenue, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, L18 7HD To widen the front porch to incorporate a change of use on the garage. Church Yes View
21H/1884 26 Wembley Road, Liverpool, L18 2DR To erect first floor extension to side, part first floor/two storey extension to rear, to alter porch window/door at front, install new roof light at front.  Yes View
21F/2033 Wellesbourne Primary School Abbotsford Road, Liverpool, L11 5BA Proposed erection of various outdoor play equipment, benches, planters and associated boundary treatment. Yes View
21F/0812 179 Queens Drive, Liverpool, L15 6XS Replacement of walk-in fridge/freezer within kitchen with 2 new units (one located within the enclosed rear yard the other internally), relocate existing condensers in the service yard onto flat roof above with other plant equipment, install 2... Childwall Arundel Yes View
21DIS/2412 40 Makin Street, Liverpool, L4 5QG To discharge condition 3 attached to 18F/2943 No Not Available
21DIS/2409 St Anne Street Police Station St Anne Street, Liverpool, L3 3HJ To discharge conditions 5 10 17 + 24 attached to 21F/0540 No Not Available